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100% Access Summit

Community-Created Solutions to the Health Care Crisis

Policymakers and Communities Working Together

November 17, 2005
8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Emmanuel Temple Church

1033 North Sumner, Portland, Oregon [Google map]

Oregon & Washington 100% Access Summit: Community-Created Solutions to the Health Care Crisis

will be a day-long event convening policymakers and other public and private health care stakeholders.

Save this date:

If you are an elected official whose constituents are concerned about the health care crisis:

  • Join members of the Congressional delegations, state legislatures and county officials to explore strategies to better leverage local, state and federal health care resources
  • Recognize the outcomes and assets of community-created solutions and how to build them into a powerful portfolio of activities to achieve 100% access during the next five years

If you are a health system or government administrator:

  • Leave with strategies to stimulate community-created solutions to the health care crisis
  • Explore how to use community health collaboratives in order to save the state money

If you are a community champion of local community health collaborative:

  • Celebrate the significant Return on Community Investment (ROCI) resulting in better health for more people at less cost
  • Create a vision for leveraging local, state and federal resources to take your initiatives to the next level of sustainability

Policymakers and communities working together

More information will be coming soon. For further information, please contact Rachelle Miller at 1-360-493-5689 or millerr@crhn.org



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